Rare Vintage 1945 Black and Decker Drill with Bd Bench Press Stand

$400.00 USD (cash only)

Pickup location: Ruch, OR 97530. Curbside delivery available to some locations within Jackson/Josephine county Oregon (Jacksonville/Applegate/Medford/Grants Pass/Talent/Phoenix/Ashland). Possible shipping available. Contact me with an address so I can provide the additional cost.

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Vintage Black and Decker Drill info:

It comes with a universal electric motor, which can run on alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).

Weight: 29 pounds.

Made in United States Of America (Towson, ME, U.S.A). In a time when things were built to last.

Serial number: 19044.

Model number: Copco No. 51 | HD 1123

Type: HD (Heavy Duty) workhorse. Tons of torque & power.

Jacobs Chuck: No. 36 Cap 3/16-3/4".

Jacobs Chuck Key: #4 Series - U.S. PAT. No. 2012147.

The following info is from https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxVdCVN2Ei_gAG_jx6hDAk6jyws3vbpuWn
RPM: 600
Amps: 7-1/2

Volts: ?

In 1945 this drill cost $94 USD.

Vintage Black and Decker Bench Press Stand info:
No. 60

Type: A

Weight: 59 pounds

U.S. PAT. 2038422

Manufactured by: The Black & Decker MFG. CO. Townson, MD., U.S.A. Made in United States Of America

PLEASE NOTE: This monster drill can easily turn you into a pretzel if your bit gets jammed while drilling (respect thy drill!!). I am not responsible for what you do with this item. This item is being sold as is, no warranties, no guarantees, no nothing (nada/zero/zip/zilch). Buyer assumes all responsibility for this item after purchase.