About kgame

Just another US American trying to earn enough fiat currency to live without getting into debt with the credit card companies. I'm located in Ruch, OR (the pacific northwest). I love my wife (just had our 20th anniversary!), cats/dogs/goats, country living, trees/plants, bonfires, hiking, off-road driving, fireworks, ..., ..., ..., .

Some services I provide for supplemental income:
  1.     Pickup/delivery with truck or truck and trailer
  2.     Dump runs (removal of trash/junk/debris)
  3.     Donation drop offs to The Salvation Army, Goodwill, ...
  4.     REO Foreclosure cleanouts/ups
  5.     Window cleaning
  6.     Mowing
  7.     Weed trimming (including blackberrys)
  8.     Hedging
  9.     Blowing debris off sidewalks, porches, patios ...
Contact me if you need any of the previous services listed. I can work within Jacksonville/Ruch/Applegate (and the surrounding areas of 97530).

I'm also a website developer with 15+ years experience in the following:
  1.     Full Stack Developer
  2.     PERL
  3.     PHP/MYSQL
  4.     CSS and CSS Platforms
  5.     Javascript (including AJAX)
  6.     Cross-Browser Compatibility
  7.     HTML
  8.     Website Hosting
  9.     Project Management
  10.     Web Development
  11.     SEO
  12.     Coding and Programming
  13.     Domain Management
  14.     Troubleshooting/Debugging
  15.     Adobe Photoshop
  16.     Adobe Illustrator
  17.     Detail Oriented
  18.     Adaptability
  19.     Organization
  20.     Analytical Thinking