Ford Lgt 165 Mini Garden Tractor with Front End Bucket Loader

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No longer available.

Reference id: NXd7W38ggXA 121

Well taken care of compact close-sided tractor.

Walk-around video of it available here:

• Manufactured between 1977-1983.

• Operators manual included with maintenance directions and wiring diagram.

• 48" x 30" bucket with 7 dump height.

• 16 hp Kohler gas engine.

• This version comes with removable side panels that enclose the motor.

• 2wd.

• Hydrostatic/automatic transmission with forward/neutral/reverse.

• Low/high speed adjustments.

• Currently setup with hydraulic controls for front & rear.

• New tires/battery.

• Most of the hydraulic hoses are new. The ones that arent are still in good condition.

• Functional headlights/taillights.

• Adjustable seat with storage underneath for tools.

* Youll need to get your own weights for the rear to counterbalance the weight of the loader and whatever you plan on loading in the bucket (gravel/dirt/manure).

The manufacturer made other attachments/implements for this tractor:
• Snowblower.
• Blade.
• Backhoe (6ft).
• 42" and 50" belly mid-mount mower deck.

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