1940s Vintage Monarch 2 Burner Wood Stove for Cooking

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No longer available.

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2 burner wood cook stove.

All components are in perfect working condition, including door, latches, and hinges.

This version comes with 2 ports in the back (cold in, hot out) for a water heater coil if you want to install one.

The shaker grates above the ash box turn over easily.

It has 2 ash clean-outs (one in the rear, the other in front). The ash box is in very good condition and comes with a convenient handle that makes carrying the box outside for super easy emptying.

The black and white exterior porcelain finish is original and in surprisingly good condition for its age.

Interior components are cast iron.

1 adjustable damper located in the rear.

1 on/off flipper where the chimney pipe connection area is.

Weight: 175 pounds

Exterior size
Depth (front to back): 29"
Width: 13-1/2"
Height: 36" (to hot plates, excluding back panel)
Height: 41" (including the back panel)

Firebox size
Length: 19"
Width: 9"
Height: 10"

Firebox entrance size
Width: 6-1/4"
Height: 5-1/4"

Ash-box size
Length: 19-1/2"
Width: 6-1/4"
Height: 7-1/4"

Size of the round hot plates: 8-1/2"

Hot plate size
Length: 19-1/2"
Width: 9-3/4"

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