18ft Stairlift by Acorn

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No longer available.

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Straight staircase chair/stair lift by Acorn (Superglide 130) with the hinged-rail upgrade to eliminate any obstruction or trip hazard at the foot of the stairs.

Video of it available here:

The longest piece is 102" (8.5). Combined rail length: 18 ft (216 in). Rails can be resized-down to whatever length fits your needs (instruction included in manual).

• Manual included.

• 2 wireless remote controls

• Auto sleep mode.

• Hinged rail/track at the bottom so it doesnt stick out in your hallway/walkway area.

• Battery backup (with 24v battery pack installed).

• Swivel seat.

• Safety seat belt.

• Suspension: Rack & Pinion Drive.

• Mounts to the stairs, not the wall. 4 mounting plates included. Each mount plate is predrilled with 4 holes.

• Seat, arm rests, and footrest fold up when not in use.

• Auto stop when you reach the top and bottom of the stairs.

• Track material is made out of extruded aluminum.

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