Marvel the Avengers Flip and Attack Captain America Ultra 4x4 Transformers

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Captain America - Flip and Attack - Marvel the Avengers

Race and flip your way into robot action with this awesome converting CAPTAIN AMERICA Flip & Attack Ultra 4x4 figure!

Its TRANSFORMERS technology makes it double trouble - one minute its a speedy vehicle, the next its a CAPTAIN AMERICA attack bot!

Pull the Ultra 4x4 back in vehicle mode and let it go to rev and race against the most powerful villains in the world!

Rev and race your CAPTAIN AMERICA Flip & Attack Ultra 4x4 vehicle into major MARVEL THE AVENGERS action!

Vehicle uses TRANSFORMERS technology to convert from vehicle mode to bot mode.

Pull the vehicle back to rev it, then let it go to race it! Vehicle converts automatically!

Text stamped on the under-body:


Hasbro SA

Represented by Hasbro Europe

Stockley Park



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