Heat Shrink Wrap Machine for Professional Sealing and Packaging

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Heavy duty shrink Wrapping machine by Allied Automation Sergeant Packaging Systems.

The purpose of this shrink wrapper is to protect your items from water damage, dust, rubbing and tearing.

It packages, seals, and shrink wraps them with a durable barrier.

Works with books, magazines, jewelry, cosmetics, soap, candies, auto parts and much more.

The heat tunnel can also be used for curing applications.

Comes with:
• Wrap station
• L-bar sealer
• Heat Tunnel
• 6 Rolls of clear shrink wrap film

Overall size
Width: 6 8"
Height: 54"
Depth: 28" (front to back)

Heat tunnel Tunnel size:
Width: 18"
Height: 8-1/2"

Main features
• Automatic cool down extends the life of the heating element.

• Adjustable conveyor speeds

• Adjustable temperature control.

• Adjustable airflow control.

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