Acorn Superglide 130 Stairlift

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No longer available.

Reference id: JIXOTTrup4E 73

For sale: Acorn Stairlift (Chair Lift) for $2,000.00 cash.

YouTube video available here:

Rail length #1: 10.6 ft (127.2 in). This rail is actually 2 rails (7.6 ft, 3 ft) combined/joined together with Acorns rail joint kit.

Rail length #2: 7.6 ft (92 in).

Rails can be combined and shortened to whatever length fits your needs.

This lift system can be used for the following staircase types: Split, L shaped, Straight

Its currently setup for the L-shaped staircase.

Swivel seats

Safety belts

Suspension: Rack & Pinion Drive.

Mounts to the stairs, not the wall.

Seat, arm rests, and footrest fold up when not in use.

Lift automatically stops at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Track material: Extruded Aluminum.

Please note: this setup is used but still in very good condition & works perfectly.

Pickup location: Ruch/Jacksonville, Oregon (2-3 minutes from the Ruch Country Store).

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