1940s Wire Spool Wheel Reel by General Machine Industrial 183570

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No longer available.

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Vintage wire drop spool wheel reel (#183570) by General Machine Industrial of Trevose, PA..

Manufactured in the USA for Bell Systems in the 1940s. Its main purpose is dispensing wire to a telephone lineman.

Its in perfect condition.

This tubular reel provides an easy way to store and unreel drop wire, coaxial or other small diameter cables.

27" tall
the spool is 25" across by 6" wide
The legs are 9" apart
It weighs 32 pounds

Features a removable outer flange that adjusts to two different widths: 4.25 inches and 5.00 inches.

The inner flange is permanently mounted and features an adjustable brake to control the payout speed.

It has a built in handle that makes taking up wire a snap.

Typical capacity for storage: It can hold 1000 feet of PE-7 .160 x .295 standard drop wire, 1250 feet of .140 x .275 drop wire, or 1500 feet of .130 x .220 drop wire.

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